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Model catamaran Joysway Lite Sea Rider 420mm long. The model is equipped with an electric motor, speed controller and 2.4Ghz control equipment.! Included is absolutely everything that is required to run the model!


  • Fully assembled catamaran Joysway Offshore Lite Sea Rider
  • Installed water-cooled 480 class electric motor and 30 A speed controller
  • Joysway 2.4Ghz two-channel remote control
  • Battery 7.2 800mAh. and charger
  • Plastic boat stand and box

Sea Rider Offshore Lite Warrior V3

  • Material ABS Injection Moulded
    Length 420mm (16.5″)
    Weight 480g (1lb)
    Servos 1 (Inc.)
    Radio System 2.4GHz 2 Channel (Inc.)
    Electric Motor collector engine with water cooling (Inc.)
    Battery Li-Ion 7.2 800mAh. and charger
    Beam 125mm
    Battery (Included) 9v Transmitter